The Otway Marine Industries Co-Existence Cooperative (OMICC) promotes sustainable coexistence between commercial marine operators in the Otway region and the petroleum exploration activities of TGS, CGG, and ConocoPhillips Australia. It includes an Otway Adjustment Protocol to offer a fair, evidence-based compensation process for commercial marine operators who may be affected by petroleum activities.


The OMICC initiative and the Otway Adjustment Protocol represent a proactive approach to balancing the interests of key marine industry stakeholders. By prioritising cooperation, mutual respect, and sustainable practices, OMICC aims to secure a harmonious and prosperous future for both the petroleum and commercial fishing industries in the Otway region. Through this initiative, stakeholders are not only addressing immediate challenges but also setting a precedent for industry co-existence initiatives globally.


  • Enhance Industry Collaboration: Facilitate a platform for ongoing dialogue and cooperation between petroleum titleholders and commercial marine operators to address mutual concerns and opportunities.
  • Minimise Operational Impacts: Develop and implement strategies that minimise the impact of petroleum activities on commercial marine operations and vice versa, ensuring the sustainability and vitality of marine resources.
  • Streamline Compensation Processes: Introduce the Otway Adjustment Protocol as a standardized, evidence-based framework for assessing and compensating commercial fishers for losses incurred due to petroleum activities.
  • Promote Transparency and Engagement: Create an inclusive environment that encourages feedback and participation from all stakeholders, thereby improving the protocol and cooperative efforts over time.


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